Supplier of innovative scrap for steel mills and foundries
Supplier of innovative scrap for steel mills and foundries
Supplier of innovative scrap for steel mills and foundries
Supplier of innovative scrap for steel mills and foundries

Welcome To Steel Force

Innovation, service and quality are at the heart of what we do. We are leading experts in the supply of Innovative alternate RAW Material and scrap metal for use by foundries and steel mills, as well as useful fuel products such as carbon anode butts, electrode scrap, foundry coke and coke breeze. But we are a supplier with a difference. Steel Force provides metals internationally, to a dependably high quality, at low cost and on short lead times.

We have close partnerships with steel mills in the UK and across Europe, including a number of eastern European states and the Russian Federation. We also have network of buyers across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our continued investment in people and technology ensures that Steel Force is able to meet the always-evolving demands of industry. Steel Force team is always working towards finding alternative products and raw material to save cost and maximize profits of industries.

Our Products


We offer special products for steel mills, enabling cost savings on raw material of more than 30%. But we also guarantee uniform...


Steel Force works with many foundries across world to supply them with the raw material they need. We choose best quality cast...


We supply alternative products for Ferro Alloys like Silicon which is used in steel mills and foundries. We Supply high Carbon...


We supply carbon anode butts, electrode scrap, foundry coke, coke breeze and more. Our foundry coke is typically used with carbon...

ABOUT Steel Force LLC

A Few Words About Us

Steel force LLC is Supplier of tailored raw material for foundries and steel mills as per their deamand and requirement and needed chemical composition. Buyers can benefit from cost saving and quality products when they are working with Steel force LLC.

Steel Force LLC is a supplier of ferrous grades of metal – highly suitable for steelworks and for foundries. With our years of industry experience, we also provide ferro alloys such as high carbon silicon and ferromanganese.

The fuel products we provide include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Carbon anode butts
  • Electrode scrap
  • Foundry coke
  • Coke breeze

More About Us

Our Services

At Steel Force we pride ourselves on our dependability, as well as our capacity to supply high grade quality material at some of the best prices you will find anywhere in the industry. Our executive team benefits from an extensive professional background and practical experience. Above all, we’re intimately familiar with the sophisticated needs of our clients – and the often challenging operating conditions they face. Let us work closely with you to become a trusted business partner.


Steel Force LLC has a long established customer base in the world’s international markets. As popular demand for recycled ferrous metals surges, so does the need for an accurately processed and graded product. It’s imperative that we meet the high specifications our clients expect and deserve. That’s why we continue to invest in the most advanced processing technology available.

State of the art facilities


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With Steel Force your quote is just a click away. Our expert team will get back in touch promptly to discuss your requirements in more detail.