We supply alternative products for Ferro Alloys like Silicon which is used in steel mills and foundries. We Supply high Carbon Silicon which saves cost of adding carbon and silicon. As traditional ferro silicon consist of only Ferrous and Silicon but our High Carbon Silicon has Carbon and Silicon so foundries and steel mills save cost on Carbon as well as our Carbon Silicon is 30% Cheaper than traditional Ferro Silicon which is very big Saving on production cost.

Ferro Alloys are under 50% iron, with a high percentage of one or more additional elements, such as manganese, aluminium, chrome or silicon. Often used in production of steels and alloys, we offer various forms, sizes and packaging types depending on your choice of alloy.

Steel Force is a respected supplier of ferro alloys, offering a comprehensive range from ferro aluminium to ferromanganese. Ferro Alloys are typically comprised of under 50% iron, with a high proportion of one or more additional elements, often including aluminium, chrome, manganese or silicon. They are commonly used in the production of steels and alloys.

Our ferro alloys are sold in a number of different formats, sizes, packaging types and chemical specifications - according to the type of alloy you select. Steel Force’s range has been carefully compiled over time by an expert team with extensive industry experience. We are always looking to add to our portfolio, so we’ll keep you posted here on the arrival of new products or services.

High Carbon Silicon

We supply high carbon ferrosilicon, also described in the industry as high carbon silicon - or silicon carbon alloy. This is a by-product of the development of metal silicon, with the contents mostly comprised of silicon and carbon. Other contents are silica, phosphorus and sulphur. The main benefits of high carbon silicon are that it raises the quality of molten steel, and that it can be used to improve product quality and capacity. It can also be utilised to reduce the volume of alloy that is needed, which cuts overall steelmaking costs.


Steel Force is a major supplier of high quality ferromanganese for steel mills. We source this material at a lower than market price, but the material offers the highest percentage of manganese recovery out of the alloys (up to 78%). Traditional ferromanganese has 65-68% manganese recovery - but our product boasts 75-78% recovery, with lower costs. This in turn leads to reduced overall production costs.

Ferromanganese is created by reduction of Manganese Oxide in blast or electric furnaces. It’s a dynamic process in the sense that the slags can be transformed into Ferro Silico Manganese, which in turn can be further developed into Medium and Low Carbon Ferromanganese. Ferromanganese, first developed in 1860 by Sir Henry Bessemer, is a widely used alloy today. Usually it will be comprised roughly of 75% manganese and 7% carbon. Worldwide production stands at several millions of tons annually, with China as the top producer.


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