We offer special products for steel mills, enabling cost savings on raw material of more than 30%. But we also guarantee uniform quality and chemistry - which results in high quality of production.

In addition, we supply steel skulls with high Fe content (90 to 95%) and exceedingly low sulphur and phosphorous content. Our material offers high yields, with reduced loss of material while melting compared to traditional scrap like HMS/LMS.

We supply thousands of tons of tundish scrap with the highest Fe content (95 to 97%), as high as steel billets. Our tundish boasts chemical properties that are ideal for rebar and other types of steel production. Steel mills can save up to 40% of raw material cost by using tundish scrap.

Each year millions of tons of pre- and post-consumer steel items, including appliances, used cans, auto and construction materials, are recycled by mills to manufacture new steel. Steel Force is a leading supplier.

Steel plate skulls

Steel force is supplier of steel skulls plates. Usually these skulls take the form of a plate structure. Due to their flatness, slag is easily removed from the surface of steel plates – ensuring a higher ferrous content. Slag is not mixed up with metal, which makes it easy to cut the material down to the desired size. We have high quality steel plate skulls available for supply to steel mills. Typical chemical composition is 0.18 carbon, with very low phosphorus, sulphur or chrome. You can also expect 90% + ferrous content, which enables high quality production of materials like steel billets, or rebar steel.

Steel tundish

Steel Force has a large volume of tundish scrap for sale. Due to high Fe content, we find that this is the most favoured material for steel mills. Tundish is characterised by a higher recovery of Fe and lower loss of material during production when compared with HSM or shredded scrap. We offer tundish scrap at much lower prices than traditional scrap – helping steel mills to save on raw materials costs and achieve higher overall margins. Our tundish scrap has a desirable chemical composition for steel mills focused on the manufacture of high quality products. Usually Fe content is 97% or more in the steel tundish we provide to clients.

Steel skulls

Steel Force has access to thousands of tons of steel skulls from blast furnaces and big steel mills. Steel skulls are byproducts of steel mills and are a mixture of magnetic material and slag. We usually clean the surface of steel skulls using Jack Hammer or tumbling machines and take the slag out of it, resulting in high quality steel skulls with Fe content of around 85-90%.

Typically we select steel skulls with the most suitable chemical properties for steel mills in their quest to produce high quality steel billets and rebar. The steel skulls we supply have 85-90% Fe content, 0.15 carbon and low phosphorus and sulphur content. Steel mills in Asian countries currently have a strong demand for steel skulls and tend to use them as an alternative raw material to traditional steel scrap. They are making significant cost savings with this approach.


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