We supply carbon anode butts, electrode scrap, foundry coke, coke breeze and more. Our foundry coke is typically used with carbon anode butts in blast furnace casting, steel production and other sectors as fuel. Steel Force offers an unmatched perspective of our clients’ needs in this area.

We supply carbon anode butts, electrode scrap, foundry coke, coke breeze and more. The foundry coke we sell is typically used (along with carbon anode butts) in steel making, blast furnace casting and as fuel in other sectors. Steel Force offers an unmatched perspective of our clients’ needs in this area.

Electrode scrap

STEEL FORCE is supplier of high Quality Electrode Scrap which works as alternative to traditional foundry coke and saves more than 30% on cost of raw material to foundries. Due to high Carloric value and low cost buyers can benefit with good savings on production cost.

Electrode scraps are derived from carbon electrodes after baking but before graphitisation. Often there will be clearly visible defects such as cracks. However, this type of scrap material offers extremely low sulphur content and relatively low ash content – making it handy (together with cast cokes) as fuel in the smelting of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and myriad other metals. The drawback of carbon anode butts is that sulphur content is hard to keep under 1%. In jurisdictions with stricter environmental standards, carbon anode butts are impractical for use as fuel.

That’s where Steel Force LLC comes in. The material is already highly popular in Germany, Japan and South Korea. We can provide you with the highest quality electrode scraps, so please get in touch if you would like a quote.

Foundry coke

In the cast iron production process, the fuel used in cupola furnaces is typically foundry coke. While popular with clients, they often find that other suppliers offer foundry coke that is severely lacking in quality – whether that’s in terms of poor strength, higher than acceptable ash or sulphur content, or simply the relatively high cost of the material. Accordingly, Steel Force LLC has cultivated methods for quality assessment of foundry coke in order to reliably predict the furnace conditions and integrity of the cast iron produced.

Foundry coke differs from industrial coke in size, ash and carbon content, price and end uses. Steel Force LLC sells foundry coke only to the foundries themselves, while providing industrial coke to other clients such as lead smelters and sugar beet, rock wool and calcium carbide producers.

Coke breeze

Steel Force is a supplier of high quality coke breeze. Foundries can save on cost while using coke breeze as we select and supply high quality low in ash and high carbon coke breeze at very low prices. Foundries usually press and make briquettes and use as alternative to traditional foundry coke while price is 40% lower than traditional coke resulting in whopping savings in production costs while maintaining quality levels (we choose material that is very clean, with low ash, high carbon and very low sulphur).

Coke breeze (also known as fine coke, usually measuring under 12 millimetres) and anthracite are the top historical heat suppliers in the iron and steel industry; the former, in effect, is the main fuel used in the sintering process, which is the act of compacting the material without melting it to liquid form. Breeze offers important carbonaceous backfill properties, including current flow, low resistivity and particle size. Surplus breeze is popular as an industrial boiler fuel.

Carbon anode butt

Steel force LLC is supplier of Carbon Anode Butt Scrap to foundries which is used as alternative to foundry coke. While Coke prices are souring almost 400 USD foundries can buy cheaper alternative raw material Carbon Anode butt Saving more than 30% of cost and due to high caloric value they can save on quantity they use. Carbon anode butt has 96-98% Carbon while traditional Foundry coke has 78-85% Carbon content So 1 ton of Anode Scrap has caloric value of 1.5 ton of traditional Coke, So buyers save on cost of product and also save on quantities used.

We not only export the anode scrap directly from China, but also provide you with the anode scrap from Malaysia and some countries in the Middle East. In addition, we are working with China’s carbon anode exporters to cooperate with more aluminum factories and obtain more direct supply of anode scrap.

As the sulfur content of anode scrap actually depends on the calcined petroleum coke used to produce carbon anode, the ash content usually increases slightly on the basis of calcined petroleum coke, but its ash content is much less than that of foundry coke, with its calorific value being 1.2-1.5 times of foundry coke. As a result, when the sulfur content can be controlled, anode scrap is the ideal fuel to smelt scrap metal.


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