Steel Force works with many foundries across world to supply them with the raw material they need. We choose best quality cast iron and pig iron skulls for foundries. We select raw material according to the specifications of the company – that would mean, for example, the high carbon content (up to 4%) and high silicon content (up to 3%) that’s required for grey casting. Our pig iron or cast iron skulls come with 90% more Fe content, with low slag and very low amounts of phosphorous and sulphur. This helps foundries in their quest to make the highest quality end products.

Steel Force also supplies high phosphorus cast iron on demand - saving 60% of raw materials costs for foundries. In this sense, the raw material that we supply to foundries is different from regular scrap and offers uniformly high quality. As Steel Force is able to provide a consistent grade with our innovative approach, we have become a trusted supplier to foundries the world over.

Cast iron skulls

Steel Force provides cast iron skulls to foundries worldwide and for the most demanding clients. In the current marketplace, grey cast iron scrap of uniformly high quality is extremely difficult to find. Many industries struggle with raw materials shortages and need to resort to expensive pig iron ingots to satisfactorily meet production demands. However, Steel Force works with steel mills worldwide - around the clock - to source the most suitable material. Our cast iron skulls are the perfect solution for grey iron casting foundries due to their high carbon (up to 4%) and silicon (up to 3%) content, but also their very low phosphorous and sulphur content. Our material comes with minimum slag, meaning that it has strong recovery properties in production.

Pig iron skulls

We supply pig iron skulls to industries engaged in high quality production of cast iron. They typically demand very low silicon content, allowing them to produce material to their own close requirements preferred design. Steel Force provides high quality pig iron skulls with carbon content of around 4% and low silicon content (up to 0.30), but also with low phosphorus and sulphur content. Our pig iron skulls can be replaced with traditional pig iron ingot, which can save you up to 40% in costs – resulting in higher profits for foundries.

Plate iron/beach iron skulls

Plate iron (also known as beach iron) is produced when excess molten is applied to sand in the process of pig iron manufacturing. When the molten is cooled down, steel mills break it up - resulting in pig iron, in the shape of plates. Slag covering pig iron is removed, which enables recovery of high Fe. Steel Force works with large steel mills who supply thousands of tons of good quality plate iron with the stable chemical composition needed by foundries and steel mills. The highly uniform chemistry means steel mills and foundries need to make fewer adjustments while melting the material – and that is gives impressive results in casting. We have big buyers from the auto industry who usually opt for plate iron over pig iron ingots. That’s mostly due to its quality and the ready availability of large quantities, with cost savings of 30% available.

Cast iron with high phosphorus

Steel Force has a special product that is highly popular with many foundries, enabling a whopping 60% saving on raw material costs. We supply large qualities of cast iron with high phosphorus content (up to 2% at maximum). Many large foundries have the technology to extract phosphorus from raw materials. In addition, high phosphorus content is useful in the production of manhole covers, railways break shoes and the bottom part of lifters. We have thousands of tons high phosphorus cast iron available. Please contact us for detailed information.


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